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5 Alcohol Abuse Myths

Truth about Alcoholism

Alcoholism is an illness that has a lot of stigma, as well misconception attached to it. These myths often lead to confusion and misunderstandings. In fact a lot of times alcoholics use these myths to stay in denial about their problem. Even suffering alcoholics create this stereotypical image of an alcoholic and if they do not match that image they belief they are safe. However, truth about alcoholism differs greatly from the public perception of it.

Let us take a look at some of the biggest truths about alcoholism that are in direct contradiction with the false picture that most of us have in mind. The reality of an alcoholic includes:

  • An alcoholic is not always someone who is poor – he can have plenty of money as well as nice possessions
  • An alcoholic may be someone who is successful in his/her professional field with a great social circle- not every alcoholic is unable to hold down a job
  • An alcoholic can have a really loving family as oppose to the image that portrays an alcoholic as someone who is estranged from his family
  • An alcoholic may very well hide his problem from those surrounding him and may never become aggressive even if they are drunk
  • Unlike what we believe that alcoholic have poor personal hygiene – an alcoholic may be very well groomed all the time
  • An alcoholic does not always hide and drink and they may rarely drink alone

The 5 Myths of Alcohol Abuse

alcohol abuseNow that we have looked at some of the truths about alcohol, let us take look at some very popular myths about alcohol.

  • People who drink beer cannot become alcoholics – there are alcoholics who only ever touch beer
  • People who drink regularly are the ones who become alcoholics – alcoholism happens when someone becomes physically as well as psychologically dependent on alcohol
  • People who suffer from alcoholism belong to the lowest depth of society – even celebrities and powerful business moguls are known to have drinking problems
  • Alcoholics need to have drunk every morning to start their day – many alcoholics show a bit of self control and there have been cases where an alcoholic has had dry days each week
  • In order to realize that they have an issue and need treatment an alcoholic needs to have hit rock bottom

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