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Types of Rehab Programs

Drug Rehab programs

Drug Rehab programs are a healing process that help the patient get back to their normal life and return to their pre-addiction livelihood. A patient who has decided to enroll may not find all the rehab types in a single facility. Some drug rehab types are specific to a facility and it is best to research the kind of treatment facility you are looking for to decide which one would best suit his needs. The rehab programs are largely subjective and depend to a great extent on the severity of addiction and physical and psychological condition of the patient.

Types of Rehab Programs

    • Inpatient Treatmentinpatient rehab is the most comprehensive treatment available and addresses all medical issues related to drug detox and withdrawal symptoms as well as psychiatric issues related to disorders like anxiety and depression as well as the cravings that characterize addiction.
    • Outpatient Treatment – This type of rehab programs provide psychological and therapeutic care to those who are trying to get over solely drug and alcohol addiction.
    • Intensive outpatient program – This program requires a major time commitment and needs the patient to be present at the facility at least three days a week for 2-4 hours a day. This is not a live in treatment but it focuses on relapse prevention. They are often scheduled around work or school.
    • Traditional Approaches – There are traditional drug rehab programs that are based on 12 steps and traditions. This program is community-based and free of charge and many patients begin their recovery by enrolling in a 12 step program.
    • Holistic Recovery – Like traditional approach Holistic drug rehab programs include 12-step ideology. Apart from this it also includes medical care, psychological treatment, yoga, meditation, acupressure and other evidence based treatments.

  • Christian Models – Religious drug rehab programs offer medical care options that are either traditional or holistic drug depending upon their religious beliefs. These models lay heavy emphasis on spiritual and faith healing. This model helps people with strong religious beliefs of a particular religion feel a pull to go back to their roots in treatment. Christian drug rehabs focus on 12-step treatment because of the influence of the higher power on the steps.
  • Buddhist drug rehabs  – include The Seven Buddhist Addiction Principles that are: mind journeys, spiritual retreats, meditation, spiritual prayer, responsibility for one’s self, find who you really are, expand on your own creation.
  • Rapid Detox – This method rapidly eliminates the extremely uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms of opiates. Patient undergoing rapid detox is placed under anesthesia while he / she is administered a special medication that speeds up the withdrawal process in his / her body.

If you need help in figuring out which rehab would best benefit you, take a look at our different categories of rehabs and then you can search by state. For more immediate help please call (866) 531-4569.

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