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Holistic Drug Rehab

Difference between traditional drug rehab and holistic drug rehab

Both traditional and holistic drug rehab offers treatments to address the physical and psychological requirements of an addict. Traditional drug rehab treats the addiction whereas the Holistic ones aim to treat the whole person. Traditional treatments address the physical and basic mental needs of an individual while the holistic rehab goes deeper into the psychological areas and includes a spiritual dimension as well. Holistic rehab includes the traditional aspects and more. Each holistic rehab has its own unique treatment that apart from addressing the body, mind and spirit also includes teaching coping skills to maintain sobriety for a lifetime.

List of bullet points of elements of holistic care with explanation

If you are seriously considering enrolling in a holistic drug rehab program, then here are some points to consider:

  • statistics that we have it can be successfully used to recover from all types of drug addictions.
  • Equal Importance has been accorded to counseling in holistic rehab. In fact it plays a crucial role in drug rehab. Individuals enrolled get help through individual and group counseling, and as well as self-help programs.
  • The holistic approach also involves successful traditional treatments; however they are a part of holistic program.
  • Yoga, meditation, Tai-Chi and many more play crucial roles in holistic programs. It improves physical fitness, and restores the mind-body balance. This balance helps the dual to respond positively to treatment for drug addiction.
  • Holistic drug rehab emphasizes on de-stressing the addict since anxiety is a major withdrawal symptom for all drugs. Only a calm mind can help one see the self destructive habits of the addict.
  • Some Holistic drug rehab treatment centers include elements of massage, mindfulness practice, and other relaxation techniques.
  • Diet and nutrition, restores the brain to its previous levels of functioning, contributing greatly to the strengthening of the mind and spirit, thus improving the individual’s chances and capability to make it through drug rehab successfully.
  • The holistic approach believes that role of negative thinking and influences in an individual contribute to drug addiction and other self-destructive habits. Once these negative influences are removed it would pave way for a life free of drug.
  • Some holistic rehab programs include faith based treatment that asks participants to submit to a higher power thereby making the individual more receptive to treatment.


Finally it must be admitted that holistic treatment is not applicable for everybody because the addict must be willing and open to the concepts followed in these programs by accepting the connection of mind and body. This would lead to the effective implementation of the program.


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