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Top 7 Benefits of Drug Rehab

Drug addiction

Drug addiction is an illness that is dangerous and life threatening and eats away steadily at a person’s health as well life until the person suffering from addiction is left with a body that is nothing but an empty shell.

Drug addiction does not happen suddenly but takes home in a person’s brain and body over a period of time.

Drug addiction does not only happen for illicit drugs but even prescription drugs like Lortab, Codeine and Morphine have high potential of being abused.

Drug addiction consequences

When a person takes drugs over a period of time, it changes the chemical activity in the brain and makes him psychologically as well as physically dependent on it because the body and the brain craves the feeling of high these drugs produces. If an addicted person tries to stop taking the drug on his own he suffers from withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms are highly uncomfortable and they usually send the addict into a relapse. These symptoms include: nausea, diarrhea, shivers and tremors, uneven heartbeat and pulse rate, vomiting as well as headaches and abdominal cramps.

The Benefits of drug rehab

The benefits of a drug rehab and treatment centres are numerous. In fact it should not be wrong to say that these treatment centres are the only way for a severe addict to recover from his illness. The major benefits of drug rehab centre are:
• Controlled, stable and monitored environment – They provide a patient an environment that is clean of any temptation of his habit while being safe and secure as well.
• Support of certified counsellors and medical team round the clock
• Education and important learning about addiction, how to overcome it and how to avoid a relapse
Benefits of Drug Rehab - Group Therapy• Peer support in the form of other addicts also getting treatment for their addiction. This provides motivation to the patient that he is not alone in his struggle
• A daily routine that involves positive activities like to group therapy, one on one therapy, alternative therapy, and 12 step support groups
• Complete privacy to the addict that gives them the much needed peace of mind during recovery
• Aftercare – This is an extremely important part of treatment and helps the patient in his transition back home and prepares them to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

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