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5 Signs That You Are an Alcoholic

Signs of AlcoholismAbout Alcoholism

Drinking when done socially and in a moderate fashion does not harm anyone. But once an individual crosses this line of moderation and enters the dangerous territory of heavy drinking, the cycle turn vicious and can send the person spiraling down the lane of alcohol abuse or alcoholism.

Alcoholism can be simply defined as an illness where a person becomes physically as well as psychologically dependent on alcohol for survival. Alcoholism is as dangerous and destructive as any other drug abuse habit and the patient suffering from this issue needs immediate alcohol rehab in order to recover.

The Signs

If you suspect that a loved one is suffering from a drinking problem or is an alcoholic then there are certain signs that may help you determine whether your fears are true or not. These signs are:
Memory loss or black outs – Often alcoholics have sessions where they black out or wake up not remember what happened before they fell asleep.
Denial – An alcoholic tries his best to hide his problem from his family and friends and they remain in a state of denial and do not believe they have a problem
Inability to deal with professional as well as personal life – alcoholics usually finds themselves unable to continue performing well at work and their personal life also suffers due to their drinking
Behavioral and personality swings – alcoholics usually show strong changes in their behavior as well as personality. They become isolated and secretive and may show poor personal hygiene
Increased tolerance levels to alcohol– addicted alcoholics develop strong tolerance towards drinking and may need to drink heavily before they show signs of drunkenness


As soon as you realize that a loved one has a problem with drinking, you must take immediate action and get him or her help. The sooner you get rehab and treatment the better chances your loved one has of recovery.

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