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Alcohol Addiction Relapse Prevention

Staying Sober

The initial reaction when you are finally out of a rehab facility is that of elation and relief that it is finally over. However, once you have a little time to reflect you will realize that your real struggle of staying sober is just beginning.

While you are in a rehab facility, you are in a controlled environment which is closely monitored to keep you away from your addiction. However, once you are free in the outer world, you face temptations every minute and the struggle to stay sober becomes extremely difficult and the risk of a relapse starts panicking you.

However, if you have an action plan ready at hand before you leave your rehab program then you can easily prevent an addiction relapse. A comprehensive plan will include and account for emotional triggers and social interactions while coming up with positive coping mechanisms.

Relapse Warning Signs

One need to realize that relapse may happen differently for different people. For some it may happen suddenly and the person may give up his struggle for alcohol or drug cravings without reaching for help – for others the need for the fix may build up gradually that is motivate by emotional triggers as well as social situations. In order to avoid a relapse it is best that you understand the warning signs that may lead to a relapse.

These warning signs are:

  1. Alcohol Addiction Relapse PreventionGetting or socializing with people from drug-use or drinking days
  2. Behavioural changes like missing support meetings or doctor’s appointment
  3. Sudden show of obsessive behaviour in any area of life
  4. Feeling anxious, irritated or confused
  5. Show of strong mood swings including excessive anger
  6. Avoiding responsibilities or issues
  7. Keep obsessing about drugs and alcohol


Getting Help

If you are dealing with a situation or any sign that makes you fear about a possible relapse and you want to find the best alcohol relapse prevention methods, then we can help. Call our helpline number and discuss rehab treatment and recovery options today.

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