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Drug Abuse

Types of Drug Abuse

The abuse of drugs affects different people differently and it usually depends upon the type of drug being abused and the level and severity of the abuse by patient. Whether it is you or a loved one who has a problem with drugs, in order to successfully get the right treatment it is necessary that you understand the type of drug abuse he or you are suffering from. The different types of drug abuse include:

• Prescription drug abuse – Codeine, Morphine, Lortab etc
• Illicit drug abuse – Heroin, cocaine etc
• Steroid abuse

Identifying Drug Abuse

Most of the time a person with a drug abuse problem will not acknowledge that he or she has a problem. It often becomes the duty of the near and dear ones to call attention to the issue and get the patient the treatment and help he needs. Every abuse and addiction problem is different but certain warning signs and symptoms are found in almost all addicts. These signs will help you find out whether a loved one or you are suffering from a drug abuse issue:

• Anxiety and depression
• Unusual show of anger and aggression
• Secretive and isolated behaviour as well as withdrawal from family and friends
• Poor performance at work or school
• Stealing or borrowing large amount of money at regular periods
• Facing trouble with the law at regular periods
• Show of irrational behaviour
• Dramatic changes seen in the physical appearance of the person like suuden weight lose, tooth decay and hair loss

Drug AbuseMost of the time symptoms may differ depending upon the particular choice of drug. For example, marijuana causes lethargy, paranoia and sleepiness and cocaine addiction results in fidgeting and bursts of energy.

Drug Abuse Treatment Options

These include:
Inpatient or residential treatment
• Outpatient treatment
• Group support or therapy sessions
• Individual therapy

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