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What is an intervention?

An intervention is a process by which a change is brought about into peoples thinking and behaviors. It makes its impact at the emotional level by confronting a person in a non-intimidating and friendly way. It goads them to see their behavior, and its effects on themselves and their circle of family and friends. Several people are involved in an intervention, to talk to a person who has been engaging in self-destructive behavior like consuming drugs. Intervention is a program of strategies that are designed to produce behavior changes among individuals or groups. The person or group is educated about the facts of such a behavior and its consequences in a crisp, clear and respectful way. The first step in this process is to make a person listen willingly and accept help.

How does an intervention work?

Effectiveness of an Intervention depends mainly on the strategy employed. By implementing it in multiple settings with multiple strategies it has the potential change the behavior in a variety of ways. Intervention deliberately includes family members and friends who are close to the addict to make it effective. A couple of meetings are held, and the members of the group share their feelings and discuss about the treatment options for the addict. A practice session or dry run is recommended, to raise the confidence levels of the group, as well as increase the chances of success of intervention as and when it occurs. The home is the best place for an intervention. The addict is encouraged and compelled to accept the seriousness of the situation and the pain this addiction is causing. One may consider the intervention successful if the addict accepts that treatment is necessary, and proceed to it.

How to find a qualified intervention?

A trained and an experienced professional are necessary to ensure the chances for success. Not all therapists are experienced and therefore it is important that you do your homework before select a professional. As there is no one single method that is effective for everyone a qualified specialist will ask a lot of questions about the addict before evolving a strategy. Having a qualified and trained professional to help you through the intervention process is the most effective way to succeed in your attempt.

What happens after an intervention?

If the intervention is successful the addict will leave immediately for drug rehab. Otherwise intervention participants must convey as to what the consequences would be if the individual does not accept treatment. These consequences should not be meant as a threat. Some instances of consequences are stopping their pocket money and so on.

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