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What is AA?

History and methods used by Alcoholics Anonymous


Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith founded an international mutual aid movement called Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935. It was founded in Akron, Ohio and its primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety, thus becoming an alcohol rehab program. It is a fellowship of people who share their strengths and experiences with each other so that they may solve their problems and also help others to recover from alcoholism. It has a free membership and the members should desire to stop drinking. It does not collect any fee and is totally self-supporting through its own voluntary contributions from its members. It is an informal, nonprofessional society in the sense it doesn’t have clinics, doctors, counselors or psychologists and has more than 2 million alcoholics the world over.  All the members are alcoholics recovering from the disease and therefore there is no central authority controlling the AA groups. Each group members have their own ways and decide what they do. The AA program of recovery has proved to be very successful and every group follows it in similar ways.

12 Step Program

The first two members Wilson and Smith developed a 12-step program of spiritual and character development. Alcoholic Anonymous’ Twelve Traditions were introduced in the year 1946 to help AA stabilize and grow. It is not allied with any institution or organization and neither endorses or opposes any causes. The primary goal of AA is to help an alcoholic achieve sobriety and stay sober. The members of AA tell their experiences of what they used to be, what happened and what they are now. The Twelve Steps program provides a framework for a thorough self analysis and a road to recovery free of alcohol.


What to expect during the meeting

People gather in a room or open space and some time is spent reading the 12 Steps and the 12 Traditions or reading AA approved literature or the Hazelden Foundation’s Thoughts for the Day. During the meeting people start introducing themselves and accept the fact that they are alcoholic. When a person tells his name the room responds with a hello followed by his first name and the person who started by introducing continues with his /her story and at the end every one thanks him or her. At the end everyone holds hands and says the Serenity Prayer.

How to find an AA meeting in your area

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