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Drug Rehab

What is drug rehab?

Substances such as alcohol, heroin, amphetamines, cocaine and prescription drugs are known as psychoactive substances. Those who get used to such substances develop dependency which affects their physical and social lives. Drug rehab is to enable the addict to stop substance abuse, so that he can avoid the physical, social and psychological consequences. Drug rehab includes medical and psychotherapeutic treatment, for drug dependency caused, by extreme abuse.

Who needs drug rehab?

Drug rehab is meant for those people who are addicted to drugs and/ or alcohol. Drug rehab is recommended to those who are at a point in their lives where their drug addiction takes control of their actions and behavior. Some drug addicts become aware of their condition during brief sober periods and will try to quit the habit; however, sometimes the addiction will take over. Following are some of the reasons a person may seek the help of a drug rehab center:

  • People finding themselves out of control or getting out of control.
  • Those interested in getting some type of preventive intervention.
  • People who need professional help as they have not been able to stop a certain behavior by themselves.
  • Those who need external help turn things around.
  • Persons living in a non conducive environment to getting clean.

Rehab centers give addicts an opportunity to stay sober and get away from people or situations that facilitate to take drugs and drink alcohol.

Common types of drug rehab

There are several types of drug rehab programs that offer assistance in drug rehab, such as residential rehabs or inpatient rehab, out-patient, therapeutic support, local support groups, extended care centers, after care programs, sober homes, counseling, orthomolecular medicine and medical care. There are also age and gender specific programs. Effective treatment addresses multiple needs of the addict rather than treating only addiction. Also choosing medically assisted detoxification alone has proved ineffective as a treatment.

General Drug Rehab method


No matter the drug rehab method the goal is common and that is to enable the patient to get rid of the habit and lead a sober life by achieving lasting abstinence. However all the drug rehab methods’ immediate focus is on reducing drug use, improve the patient’s health and ability to function, and minimize the complications associated with drug abuse. Short term methods last for less than three months and include residential therapy, medication, and drug-free outpatient therapy. There are long term outpatient treatments that include methadone maintenance, synthetic opiate, for opiate addicts and residential therapeutic community treatment. Outpatient drug-free treatment programs mostly involve individual or group counseling. There are therapeutic communities where patients with a long history of drug dependence, criminal activities, and impaired social functioning stay at a residence, typically for three months to a year.

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