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Alcoholism Treatment

About Alcoholism

Alcoholism is an illness that is as severe and destructive as any other substance or drug addiction and it can trap people from all walks of life; rich and poor, young and old. A person who is an alcoholic finds it impossible to function normally without his usual fix of a drink. An addict becomes physically as well as psychologically dependent on drinking and they use alcohol as a way to cope with their problems. This habit of dealing with mental and emotional issues with a drink slowly breaks a person’s resistant power until one day he is trapped in the dangerous web alcoholism. Seeking help from an alcohol rehab should be the immediate next step.

How Far is Too Far?

Social drinking and once in a while indulgence in heavy drinking is not a dangerous thing. But a person must understand when his or her drinking is crossing the limits of moderation and entering the dangerous territory. Realizing that you have gone too far may be quite difficult for an alcoholic to acknowledge because they like to remain in denial that they have a drinking problem. However, there are certain warning signals that can help you realize that you or a loved one has a problem that needs immediate addressing
Suffering from withdrawal symptoms – Alcoholics suffer from withdrawal symptoms if they abruptly stop the intake of alcohol. These symptoms are nausea, vomiting, increased blood pressure and heart rate, diarrhea, anxiety and depression.
Health problems – A severe alcoholic develops serious health issues like psychological problems such as psychosis and schizophrenia as well as liver and heart damage, memory lose and sexual performance problem
Uncontrollable urge and continual relapse – Alcoholics try to control or stop their drinking but often fail to do so because for an alcoholic quitting on his own is difficult without professional help.
Treatment Alternatives for Alcoholism
The most common type of alcohol rehabilitation programs are:
• Inpatient treatment program
• Outpatient treatment program
• Residential treatment program

• Short term program – Usually last for fourteen to twenty eight days

• Long term program – Usually last for four months or longer

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